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Moth House Press is an independent publishing house targeting a unique and innovative niche in the

contemporary literary realm. Our focus is on folklore, dark genres, Asian American and Hmong stories (fiction
and nonfiction) with traditional and non-traditional lead
characters including women and ethnic leads. Our goal is to have a
platform for greater diversification in literature. 

Moth house Press was created by the artist Bao Xiong. Oral storytelling was a big part of Bao's childhood. She is passionate about preserving the folklore of her heritage because for many of her people, the only things they carried with them to America were
their stories. As older generations pass on, she is worried that much of that history will be lost. Bao's ultimate goal is to share Hmong stories and culture with a wider range of people.


Our Team


Bao Xiong


Bao was inspired to create Moth House Press after observing the lack of diverse stories, such as those she heard growing up in the Hmong community. She is the writer of Folklore and The Butchers, both published through Moth House Press. Her hope is to create a platform for other diverse writers who hope to tell their stories.


Krystal Johnson

Public Relations Manager 

Krystal has a wide background working in the PR industry. She obtained her degree at Wartburg College and went on to work different freelance jobs before she came upon the opportunity to work for Moth House Press in developing their brand. Her ultimate goal is to help Moth House's talented artists get the audience they have worked so hard to reach. 


Dylan Overhouse

Media Manager 

Dylan is the owner of Dylan Overhouse Productions, a freelance photography and videography business. He has recently begun producing free live-stream concerts and performances to give people enjoyment while stuck at home. He specializes in capturing moments in time that future generations may look back and reminisce in. He was contacted by Moth House Press to help develop the visual aspect of the company.
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